Bringing the Old & New Worlds Together


WOT is participating to LWF 2014

with 11.000 years of history and

wines with 5 major indigenous & major international grapes.

Turkish wines are set to take centre-stage in London again after their successes in the last two years being listed in leading on trade and off trade locations such as; M&S, Waitrose, Tesco, The Wine Society,  Laithwaites, Zuma, Fat Duck, Boisdale , Clos Maggiore, Mourada Group Sketch & Momo, Busaba etc.

Wines of Turkey; located in a part of a region where the origin of “vitis vinifera” has a very long history and where it possibly originated by at least 11.000 B.C. will be presenting leading 5 indigenous grape varieties among 800. Also there will be unique wines made by blends between indigenous (Emir, Narince, Kalecik Karasi, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere) and international grape varieties (such as; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah).

There will be 4 leading wineries for UK market at the booth of “Wines of Turkey“ in Olympia Central – Level 1, Stand No: E35 and these are; Doluca, Kavaklidere, Sevilen and Vinkara.


Award Winning Turkish Wines:

Turkish wines have gained a reputation of excellence in the past years, achieving an outstanding entrance-to-medal rate of nearly 78% in the most respected international wine challenges (Decanter, IWC and IWSC).

Between 2011 and 2013 Turkish Wines won more than 1,000 medals (including double gold & regional trophies) in prominent competitions throughout the world, becoming the most successful years for Turkish wines so far. You may obtain 2011, 2012 and 2013 medal lists from the website.


Participating Wineries:


DOLUCA, for three generations; has been a part of the Turkish winemaking industry, reflecting its traditional and innovative character in its service and product quality. At the beginning of the adventure in 1926, Nihat A. Kutman, returned to his home country after completing his education at the Geisenheim Wine Institute’s programme in Enology and Viticulture and he established DOLUCA. Second generation Nihat A. Kutman’s son, Ahmet Kutman, received his education in the field of Food Technology, Enology and Viticulture at the University of California at Davis, from where he graduated in 1967, shortly after which he returned home and joined the company management. DOLUCA today, continues to present over 45 different products to consumer’s liking, with a 14 million bottle annual capacity. Paying as much as meticulous attention to consumer relations as to production quality, especially after Ahmet Kutman’s daughter Sibel Kutman Oral and son Ali Kutman, joined the company as a member of the third generation, DOLUCA has attained a broader contemporary outlook and embraced the mission of developing and enhancing the cultural awareness of wine in Turkey.


Kavaklıdere; in its 85th year, Kavaklıdere Wines, as the first private sector wine producer in Turkey,remains to be the leader with the 3rd generation who runs the family business. Kavaklıdere aims sustainable high quality wines by promoting best Anatolian noble grapes and growing international grape varieties in different Anatolian microclimates. Since 2008, Stephane Derenoncourt and his team are consulting the company. Company owns 635 hectares of vineyard in various growing regions of Anatolia: Cappadocia, Pendore, Güney, Elazığ, Kalecik and Kırşehir and three cellars where tradition meets technology, located in Ankara, Cappadocia and Pendore. Kavaklıdere Wines has a wide product range including 53 different wines in 23 brands. In the international wine competitions, Kavaklıdere Wines won nearly 700 medals so far. Company has 3 branches abroad – Kavaklıdere Europe Gmbh in Germany, Kavaklıdere Europe B.V. in Holland and Kavaklıdere Europe N.V. in Belgium. Export operations to Europe are being held by the Belgium Warehouse. Kavaklıdere Wines exports %20 of its total production mostly to EU countries, USA, Canada and Far East. Anatolia has 6.000 years of history in wine-production and has native grapes with unique characteristics. In this aspect, it responds to wine lovers’ demands on tasting new and undiscovered wines.


Sevillen; in 1942, after having discovered vineyards and winemaking in France, Mr. Isa Guner, a first-generation immigrant from Bulgaria, founded his own winery in Izmir, Turkey. Understanding that there was outstanding natural potential in Turkey for wine production, he purchased 4 hectares and started planting vineyards. In 1958, Mr. Guner’s sons, Mr. Gokhan Guner and Mr. Coskun Guner joined the business developing the property to 50 hectares. Nowadays the property, composed of 160 hectares of vineyard and a first class restaurant (Isabey), is managed by the third generation of the Guner family. They are assisted by experienced French consultant Mr. Florent Dumeau from the Bordeaux region. Sevilen Group has been working on the terroir approach (Soil, local climate and vineyard architecture, rootstock, varietal, vine spacing, leaf area per hectare, crop per vine) with already outstanding results. Today, Sevilen produces grapes for premium wines on two sites:

  • Aegean area, around Izmir, a warm Mediterranean climate
  • Anatolia plateau, a cool Mediterranean climate

In Izmir (150 metres of elevation) climate conditions are close to those of Bari or Athens. In the Anatolian plateau (900 metres of elevation), climate conditions are similar to the Rhône valley Hermitage, Chateauneuf du Pape) but drier during the summer. On both sites, soils are unique with a complex distribution, alternation of chalk and shale (heavy clay) and occurrence of limestone. This diversity of soil and climate allows the production of very qualitative white and red wine always presenting a unique expression. After having totally restructured part of his vineyard, plus adding new plantations, Sevilen Group now produces ten million bottles/ year of qualitative wines. Winemaking techniques are very modern. With a full brand new reception (double sorting table), the pre-fermentative process respects the integrity of the grapes, which are all hand-harvested. Working with gravity, juices and wines are moved as carefully as possible throughout the aging process. A selection of top French cooperage, in association with a Turkish university, has been developed in order to research the best solutions for our wines. Now  exporting to United Kingdom , United States , People Republic of China , Denmark , Germany, Holland, Austria , Australia, Dubai ,Belgium…


Vinkara’s tale dates back to the 1960s when the group purchased land in the Kalecik region in Ankara. Venture into viniculture began in 2003 with the cultivation of vineyards in Kalecik. Today, Vinkara has vineyards and production facilities on 160 acres with a capacity of produce 1,040,000 liters of wine. In 2008, Italian wine producer and oenologist Signor Marco Monchiero joined our group. The microclimate created as result of the mountains surrounding the Kalecik terrain, makes it one of the most important centers for viniculture in the world. This climate characteristic is the same as that of the regions around the world where Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes are cultivated. The air hits the mountains as it rises, creating hot weather in the valley and rain in the plains. Our vineyards are approximately 650 meters above sea level and in close proximity to Kızılırmak. Because there is a big difference between day and night temperatures, the grapes cultivated in Kalecik have a distinctive taste and aroma. The most prominent grape cultivated carries the name of the region: Kalecik Karası. The aromas of Kalecik Karası wines are not strong with just the right level of tannins with a soft finish. 60% of Vinkara’s vineyards are allocated to Kalecik Karası grapes as the priority, but other Anatolia grapes along with world class grapes are cultivated. Vinkara as a dynamic wine company for the first time in Turkey produced a sparkling wine by traditional method from Kalecik Karası (Blanc de noir) named Yaşasın.

The objective of the company is to present this special grape “Kalecik Karası” to international wine lovers. In Vinkara’s short history, Vinkara products have won Grand Gold medal at the 2011 Mundus Vini (Germany), Gold Medals at the 2011 and 2012 Selections Mondiales des Vins (Canada), Gold Medals at the 2013 Mundus Vini (Germany) and 2013 Concours Mondial Bruxelles (Belgium) competitons.


Wines of Turkey:

Wines of Turkey (WOT) is an umbrella organization which represents the Turkish wine sector and is the result of a strategic partnership between Turkey’s 30 leading wineries. Its aim is to develop the wine market and culture of Turkey and to increase exports by making Wines of Turkey a generic brand associated with quality wine.


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