North : 40°55’34.54″N
South : 37°53’2.99″N
East : 40°22’58.61″E
West : 35°27’45.19″E

Mid-Eastern Anatolia is located in the east of Turkey. Tokat is at the northwest corner of this area which is close to the Black Sea. Elaz›¤ and Malatya are located nearer to the southeast of Turkey.

The dominant climate in Elaz›¤ and Malatya Provinces are the terrestrial climate and the winter seasons pass cold and precipitant while summer seasons pass hot and dry. However, due to the natural and artificial lakes around the city, some partial variations from the climate is experienced.

Tokat’s climate represents a transition between the Central Black Sea and the Inner Anatolia climates. The climate is somewhat harsher at high altitude levels and in the southern sections of the province.

Precipitation differs between 600 – 1000 mm with an average of 750 mm per year. The longterm mean temperature differs between 12 to 16°C.

Soil type:
(Tokat) River bed and glaciated aluvial fan.
(Elazığ & Malatya) Red clay and decomposed granites varying to light chalky clay soils.

Wine Grape Production Share:
The Mid-Eastern Anatolia region accounts for 14.7% of all the wine produced in Turkey.

The grage varieties of the region are:
Boğazkere, Narince, Öküzgözü.