North : 40°45’26.49″N
South : 38°12’49.75″N
East : 33°37’51.75″E
West : 28°44’6.22″E

Mid Northern Anatolia consists of the two separate regions of Ankara and Uşak. Uşak is in the west of the region and Ankara is the more north-eastern part of the region. The Mid Northern region is the heart of Anatolia right in the centre of Turkey.

Hot dry summers and cold winters. It has a continental climatic character. This region, especially Ankara (the Kalecik subregion) with its more continental climate of harsh winters and hot summers, is home for varieties like Kalecik Karası.
Precipitation differs between 200 – 400 mm with an average of 300 mm per year. The longterm mean temperature differs between 8 to 12°C

Soil type:
Pebbly clay loam

Wine Grape Production Share:
The Mid-Northern Anatolia region accounts for 3.3% of all the wine produced in Turkey.

The grape varieties of the region are:
Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası, Öküzgözü, Shiraz (Syrah).