After many years in the wine business, Kayra presents its portfolio reflecting years of experience and passion devoted to perfection.
A testament to the true potential of our vineyards, the Kayra wine family is an important proof in our ongoing passion to improve winemaking in Turkey. Under the guidance of winemaker Daniel O’Donnell, from soil to grape variety, harvest to bottling, Kayra aims to bring the rich history and generous spirit of Anatolia to lovers of fine wine. Kayra wines are produced from both indigenous Anatolian grapes as well as international grapes grown in the best vineyards that are true to our “on-site production” philosophy. Our Elazığ Winery in Eastern Anatolia was established in 1942, and the Şarköy Winery in Thrace was established in 1996 with annual capacities of 4.7 and 4.5 million litres respectively. The wide variety of Kayra wines offer diversity under the brands Kayra Imperial, Kayra Vintage, Kayra Versvs ,Buzbag Rezerv, Terra, Allure,Leona and Buzbag.But export brands are limited.

Today, Kayra’s fine unique tastes from Anatolia are listed in many international fine dining restaurants and are receiving awards in international competitions. In 2008, Kayra established IWSA (International Wine&Spirits Academy) as a wine training and information center. This project aims to create a platform for wine and horeca professionals, wine enthusiasts and academics in Turkey. IWSA (International Wine&Spirits Academy) is also the Turkish Programme Provider for WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust).

Born in Anatolia, wine has always been among mankind’s most noble culinary achievements; so much so that it has been known as the “water of life,” and referred to in sayings like “the truth is in the wine.” Now, it is time for wine to regain its glory in the land where it belongs.

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