“Wine-making is the art of transmitting the features of the grape to the wine it will become in the best possible way.”

The Pamukkale Winery has adopted this principle in its production. The Pamukkale Winery was founded in 1962 by the eldest one of the Tokat brothers, Fevzi Tokat, in the north of the province Denizli in the city of Güney. The Pamukkale Winery is one of the several hundreds of wineries which created and sold barrels of wine in Anatolia in that period. One of the most significant wine cultivation-areas in Turkey is the Güney plateau, through which the River Menderes passes. The climate there is similar to that of the Napa valley, while the condition of the soil is like that in Bordeaux. This plateau, which is 850 m above sea level, is privileged to have moist earth with limestone and pebbles. The company greatly improved in 1972 after another of the Tokat brothers, Yasin, graduated from the agricultural faculty in the area of food and fermentation. It was then that the company took on the management and the responsibility of the production.

In cooperation with the leading wine cultivation institutions, the local manufacturers had the opportunity to continue their education. Hundreds of thousands of grape vines and plant protection agents were provided free of charge. The main target of Pamukkale Winery was to increase local wine cultivation. Because of the surge in the cultivation of grapes, many people returned to the wine-growing region and for this the company can be very proud. Production capacity is approximately 4 million litres per year and Pamukkale Winery has achieved one of the most modern arrangements between Turkey and Europe. Since 1989, 20% of Pamukkale Winery’s wine production has been for Germany and France. It has also been exported to the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and other European countries as well as to countries in the Far East.

Pamukkale Winery’s chief goal is to use the most modern technology to produce the best quality wine at the best prices for all those who share a love of wine.

Pamukkale Şarapçılık Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş.
Tilkilik Mah. 9. Sok. No: 30/A
20460 Güney – Denizli – TÜRKİYE
T: +90 258 451 20 24
F: +90 258 451 21 00

Contact Person:
Ms. Selda Tokat
(Sales&Marketing Director)
e-mail: pamukkale@pamukkalesarap.com